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Wiper Blades and Light Bulbs

Wiper Blades

Complete inspection of the wiper and washer system (front and rear wiper washer systems) including the spray pattern and overall operation. Service may include a replacement of the front or rear wiper blades, spray nozzles, hoses, wiper arms, washer pumps, and reservoir bottles.

Light Bulbs

Complete inspection of the exterior lighting system. Service may include a replacement of the license plate lights, headlights, fog lights, front and rear turn signal lights, parking and marker lamps, and brake lights (low and high mount systems).

Importance of Service

Wipers and washer system are crucial for clear vision in the rain and snow. Also a ripped or torn blade could potentially scratch the windshield.

An inoperative light can cause poor vision for you, and could limit your visibility to other motorist on the road. A vehicle with an inoperative turn signal or brake lights is a dangerous condition for you and other drivers.

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Merlin Credit Card

Merlin offers promotional financing* with the Merlin 200,000 Miles Credit Card. The no annual fee card can also be used at gas stations nationwide**.

Merlin Warranties

Merlin offers a 200,000 Mile Warranty on brakes, mufflers, and even tires. Merlin's renowned 20 point vehicle inspection will catch small problems before they become major headaches.