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THE DRIVE FOR 200,000, Merlin’s easy and affordable maintenance program supports vehicle owners hundreds of thousands of miles beyond the usual manufacturer’s warranty period. Merlin Complete Auto Care specializes in vehicle longevity and can help you enjoy the full life of your vehicle. Visit any Merlin Complete Auto Care and ask about THE DRIVE FOR 200,000. You’ll be glad you did.

Why should you get on THE DRIVE FOR 200,000?

Simple To Understand

THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 is thorough and easy to understand. Instead of being compressed to four small pages in back of an Owner's Manual, it’s presented in a large format manual.

Convenient and Easy

THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 services coincide with your regular 3,000 mile oil change interval. There’s nothing more to remember and appointments are not always necessary for service.

Lower Price/More Cost Effective:

THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 is priced right so it’s affordable for the average motorist. The program costs far less than car dealers and other service providers' packages. There’s no upfront payment and you pay for the services as they are performed.

Larger Scope

THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 is far more encompassing than any other maintenance program. It extends past 395,000 miles and is designed to help you far beyond the first 60 months of car payments and will help you enjoy the full life of your vehicle.


You are in charge. Mandatory services and recommended options are separated, itemized, and there’s no over-bundling in THE DRIVE FOR 200,000. Wherever possible, you are given choices as to which services can be delayed until later.

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The Driven Brands Credit Card

Merlin offers promotional financing* with the Driven Brands Credit Card. The no annual fee card can also be used at gas stations nationwide**.

Merlin Warranties

Merlin offers a 200,000 Mile Warranty on brakes, mufflers, and even tires. Merlin's renowned 20 point vehicle inspection will catch small problems before they become major headaches.