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About Merlin

Helping Customers Go Farther

Since 1975, Merlin has never forgotten that we have to be both better and different to compete and succeed. We set our sights on developing long term customer relationships while providing car repair and maintenance solutions that allows our customers to focus on their everyday life priorities instead of car maintenance and repair.

The Drive For 200,000

We stand alone in the automotive aftermarket. No one else has anything as encompassing or economical. THE DRIVE FOR 200,000 is Merlin’s comprehensive program of regular inspections, scheduled maintenance, and preemptive replacement that facilitates longer vehicle life. Unlike high ticket scheduled maintenance programs offered by many car dealers and some competitors, THE DRIVE is specifically designed to help customers achieve high mileage goals and get dependable vehicle use while saving substantial amounts of money in both the short and long term.

The 200,000 Mile Proposition

Currently, the vast majority of cars, vans, and light truck are designed to last much longer than the traditional 100,000 mile mark. Just look at the seven digit odometers that have been standard since the early 1980’s. Cars are made to last much longer, but finance companies, car manufacturers, and the media act as if it should be best kept a secret.

Our mission is to inform the motoring public that their vehicle can last longer and to help them GO FARTHER. We want our customers to have a better lifestyle and spend their money on more important things, rather than an endless cycle of car payments.

Vehicle Longevity Specialists

Our shops help motorists enjoy the full life of their vehicle and avoid taking on another round of car payments before it is time. Merlin shops provide all the maintenance and repair services necessary for the average vehicle to go farther. Plus, Merlin shops have the unique DRIVE FOR 200,000, an easy to follow and understand maintenance program that’s much more affordable than any dealer program.

We focus on long term “regular repeater” customer relationships and succeed because we truly care and offer the right combination of products and services. No other undercar service chain has anything like THE DRIVE FOR 200,000. It’s one reason our customer’s come back to us again and again.