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Warranties - More Than Just Talk

We stand behind the product and services we sell. It's another big difference in doing business with someone who cares. We go the competition one better. Look at our GREAT WARRANTIES.

DRIVE FOR 200,000 Transferable Warranty

Merlin now offers a DRIVE FOR 200,000 Transferable Warranty which offers motorists 200,000 mile coverage on mufflers, brake pads and brake shoes, and 24,000 mile coverage on most everyday repairs. This warranty sets a new industry standard by extending coverage far beyond the traditional 12,000 miles offered by most other repair facilities. Not only that - our warranty is completely transferable to a future vehicle owner. Please ask your local Merlin Shop Manager for further details.

200,000 Mile Tire Warranty

Merlin now offers a 200,000 Mile Tire Warranty on certain national brand tires purchased from and installed at Merlin Shops. This Warranty covers defects in material, workmanship, and wear out (less than 3/32" of tread remaining), for up to 200,000 miles of use. The customer must properly maintain the tires with tire rotations and undercar inspections at 6,000 mile intervals, tire balancing at 12,000 mile intervals, and a wheel alignment every 24,000 miles. Please ask your local Merlin shop manager for further details and other conditions which may apply.