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Air Conditioning Service and Recharge

Complete inspection and testing and replacement of your air conditioning system and components. Components include:

  • A/C compressors
  • dryers
  • accumulators
  • condensers
  • lines and hoses
  • relays and modules
  • orifice tubes
  • thermal expansion valves
  • switches and sensors
  • compressor belts
  • fans

The service includes an evacuation and recharge of the refrigerant. The shop may also perform a system leak test using halogen leak detectors, dye and uv-light testing and nitrogen testing.

Importance of Service

Your air conditioning system removes the heat and moisture from the passenger cabin and makes the cabin of the vehicle comfortable.

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Merlin Credit Card

Merlin offers promotional financing* with the Merlin 200,000 Miles Credit Card. The no annual fee card can also be used at gas stations nationwide**.

Merlin Warranties

Merlin offers a 200,000 Mile Warranty on brakes, mufflers, and even tires. Merlin's renowned 20 point vehicle inspection will catch small problems before they become major headaches.