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Our business is more about fixing people’s problems than just fixing cars.

We try hard to treat customers like individuals, not transactions. Because we know when we make our customers happy, they come back again and again and also tell their friends, family, and neighbors about their experience.

Our business has a lot to do with growing and developing our franchisees and employees – knowing that when we give them our best, we get the best in return. It has to do with training and supporting our shop teams in any way we can so that they can take care of the customer.

Merlin offers special Motivation and Achievement Programs (M.A.P. s) that are mutually beneficial and designed to help grow and develop employees while also helping to strengthen the Merlin brand. The M.A.P.s helps franchisees recruit, keep, and grow employees which ultimately help us serve customers better.

In the end, our business has more to do with people than just money.

Merlin’s average annual sales per franchise location are much higher than many of the larger competitors.

  • Do you have a passion for respecting and serving both customers and employees?
  • Are you willing to work hard and exert your best efforts each week?
  • Can you lead others?
  • Will you follow and implement our system?

If your answer is yes to all those questions, let’s talk:

Working Together as a Team

Merlin franchisees and employees have a deep passion for being the best and a strong appreciation for what it means to be a professional. Merlin is so serious that you and your team can achieve and sustain success in your business that we provide the following:

  • The Merlin Training Center – A stand-alone state of the art center that offers both technical and management classes all year long free of charge to you and your employees.
  • Six-Week Management Training – An intense study of essential management and technical facets of Merlin shop operations that you will complete before you take possession of your shop.
  • Grand Opening Marketing Plan – A specialized marketing plan implemented especially for your shop opening to create public awareness and to establish a customer base to generate retail traffic.
  • Field Support – A team of dedicated professionals to counsel and support you with operational, management, and marketing issues.
  • Quality Inspections – Conducted by an independent third party, three times per year to measure critical primary marketing and operational components of your business.
  • Marketing Support – Chain-wide brand awareness and promotional marketing campaigns planned and executed, as well as, customized local call to action marketing assistance managed by a team of committed experts.

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